Dr. Vishrut Newaskar

BAMS, Ayurvedic Consultant


Dr. Vishrut Newaskar is a highly trusted and qualified Ayurvedic Consultant in Bandra West, Mumbai and is also currently associated with Krasa Skin and Hair Clinic in Bandra West, Mumbai. He is a B.A.M.S Doctor with 11 years of experience in the same field as a successful Ayurveda Doctor. Being an ayurvedic doctor, the most favourite part of Dr. Vishrut Newaskar is to be the part of that journey which paJent takes to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Due to offering reliable ayurvedic professional healthcare service, Dr. Vishrut Newaskar has been recommended by lots of paJents on various online healthcare plaLorms such as Practo etc on internet.

The Ayurveda Treatments and Therapies provided by the Dr. Vishrut Newaskar are:

  • ArthriJs and Pain Management • Mental Disorders • Cardiovascular (Heart) Management • InferJlity Treatment • Liver & Lungs Disorder Treatment • Diabetes management • Weight Management • Stress Management • DetoxificaJons • RejuvenaJon
    Ayurveda is an ancient field of medicine that dates back at least 5000 BC and it is sJll in pracJce throughout India and the world. According to Dr. Vishrut Newaskar, if you have ever experienced a relaxing massage , closed your eyes to learn about your breathing or just sat down peacefully in nature to introspect and enjoy, you’d definitely have tasted the fruits of this master science of life. From the Jniest bit of your cell to the largest organ of your body- skin, Ayurveda tells you how to protect, nourish and transform every bit of your being without any life-threatening side effects. Unlike any other medical field, Ayurveda therapies not only treats your diseases but it also treats the core of your sufferings to make sure you rebuild your life for good. Today, Ayurveda has become an easy soluJon for many because of its rich history ,a beneficial present and a bright future to lead a healthy life. Regular exercising, acJve body healthy lifestyle, appropriate on Jme treatments, emoJonal & mental well-being leaves you with a fit, healthy mind and glowing skin. To allow Ayurveda treatments works best for you, you simply need to follow certain lifestyle rules for long lasJng healthy living.there are many aspects of our daily rouJne that do not let our most producJve energies work for us. Instead, it works against us. We tend to fall prey not because of our ignorance and unwillingness but it happens because we do not realize the significance of the results. Ayurveda teaches us how to maintain health and if we get some trouble, it will empower your body to heal itself. Take charge of your health, tune your body and mind to achieve your highest goal in life.