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Biologically classified as cannabis; hemp is a plant of Sativa species specifically grown for industrial uses. Fibre, protein, oil is extracted from different parts of the plant like its stem, seed or flower.

Yes, with various laws and regulations hemp is now legally cultivated and related products are sold in India. Hemp now has a wide range in the field of medicines, the steel industry and as a substitute for injurious plastics.

Other than CBD and cannabinoids, Industrial hemp has THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which produces psychoactive effects in humans but it only contains a less than 0.3% level of THC which is a very little amount to get you high.

Yes, All the doctors on our platforms are qualified and well experienced and you can also get consultations from more than one doctor for boundless time.

HempCareIndia is the only online portal developed in India to provide doctor consultancy from 20+ specialists. With us, one can discover the benefits of holistic plant-based medicine that will help ease symptoms and help to improve overall health.

Yes, get consulted from our experienced and qualified doctors and you will receive a tailored prescription for your wellness post-consultation.

Yes, HempCareIndia uses PayU as a payment gateway and compliance standards for data security that are handled by it. PayU provides its customer with a seamless checkout experience while performing any transaction. It is a widely known payment gateway method that is also used by well-known brands like Myntra, Netflix, BookMyShow, etc.

Our doctors have more concern for your health and we keep our patient’s privacy 100% confidential. All the medical data provided will be encrypted only within our system and sent to the doctor for review. It won’t ever be disclosed outside HempCareIndia.

Yes, you can register and book an appointment initially or get re-examined and follow up with your previously consulted doctor. HempCareIndia aims to provide you access to accredited quality hemp-based medicines through in a bid to help you improve your quality of life.

The charges for consultation may differ for various doctors. Fee-structure of every doctor is different. The price might not be half-but definitely lesser than the first time. The ultimate focus of HempCareIndia is on your betterment.

Please wait, the bill payment gets updated within 2 working days.
After two days if the issue is not resolved, contact our customer support team and provide us with your transaction payment ID. (available on your transaction email)
We will get back to you and get your issue resolve within 12-24 working hours.

Yes, consulting a doctor for more than one disorder is granted. HempCareIndia ensures your health, happiness and well-being. And providing consultation is our main service.