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Autism Treatment:

Autism Symptoms are more common in children who got exposed to excessive usage of TV, cartoons and Smartphones. We see parents reaching out to us and seeking support for their Child’s remedy. However Hemp medicines showing promising results which helps the child and their personal growth. Consult our doctors or hit our customer support executive we will guide you in treatment process.

Cancer Treatment:

Hundreds of cancer patients are getting treated and using Hemp medicines(RSO) which helps them with good Appetite, Sound Sleep, relief from Anxiety/ Depression and chemo radiation side effects.

Disclaimer: We are not claiming cure for Cancer but can treat them for bettterment of their life.

Anxiety/ Stress/ Depression:

We are seeing tremendous traffic for Anxiety/ Stress/ Depression relief post Covid pandemic. Indian people are suffering through mental stress due to lockdown and sudden changes in their work culture. However our doctors can guide you in taking Natural supplements which helps you in getting peace of mind and more focus towards your work/ daily life.

Parkinson’s Treatment:

0.58 million people in India suffer from Parkinson disorder. Usage of CBD with proper guidance from a medical practitioner may help treating the condition. Consult immediately once you feel parkinson’s symptoms for yourself or for someone you know.

First Time Free Consultation:

To let our people know quality of our service and help their healing process we decided to provide First Time Free Doctor Consultation from HempCareIndia. We believe in providing health solution for your illness/ medical condition than making benefit out of your condition.

We support Autistic child and Cancer patients with utmost care.

Text us in whatsapp or call us at 8870888538 and get your free consultation today. Have a happy living everyone!

Our Experts

Dr. Bant Anusha

FTC: 249/

M.S Ayurveda(Shalyatantra)
Gentle treatment for Anxiety, Stress and general care with Ayurveda.

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Dr. Vishrut Newaskar

FTC: 549/

BAMS, Ayurvedic Consultant- Expert in treating Arthritis and Pain Management, Cardiovascular (Heart) Management, Infertility Treatment, Diabetes management

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Dr. Swapnil Bachhao

FTC: 649/

MD, Expert in treating Autism, Cancer, Sleep disorders, PTSD, Schizophrenia, and Neurological disorders

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What We Treat

Hemp cares for you and provides solutions for many conditions therefore start your healing journey with HempCareIndia.

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Our Experts

HempCareIndia has doctors who are experts to provide digital consultation and treats 20+ conditions.

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There is a herb for every condition and if you have doubt, consult HempCareIndia and live a healthy herby life.

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Why Consult us?

HempCareIndia is an online portal designed and developed to provide a comprehensive range of health consultancy services and medical ailments in India.

Our platform has been created to comfort you with 24×7 availability of our empathetic doctors who are always there to assist you with your queries and allied health while saving the time in the most cost-effective way.

We have 20+ specialists residing in the 4 major metro cities in India whom you can connect directly

We aim at building a healthy community through hemp consultation.
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Our Services

Diet Coaching

HempCare India prepares personalised ayurvedic diet plans according to the multiple health issues and mentors the best from ayurveda doctors.

Medical Counselling

HempCare India complies with essential regulation tailoring and providing substantially health expert consultation.

Fitness Training

HempCare India ensures holistic approach of health and wellness through proper fitness training as well as psychological consultations.


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