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Medical Cannabis expert in India

MD. Physician, MHA & Hemp Educator

Dr. Swapnil Bachhao

Medical Cannabis Research Physician and Educator(North York, Ontario, Canada)
I have experience in treating patients using a holistic approach (Psychological consultations and use of Medical Hemp oil) . Over 10 years of experience treating patients suffering from various ailments. It’s my passion to consult people suffering from medical ailments and psychology related issues to ease their concerns using Medical Cannabis and counselling sessions.
With integrated Health solutions related to fitness and diet regimes

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We have experts to ensure your healthy routine.


1. Doctor Consultation and Prescription

Get expert consultation for your medical condition and to use Hemp medicines


2. Diet Coaching

Get diet coaching from Ayurveda experts


3. Fitness Training

Get fitness training and self defence coaching

About- Hemp Care India

Hemp Care India – an online portal designed and developed only to provide doctor consultancy services in India. All the doctors in our platforms are highly talented and well experienced in prescribing hemp medicines. Also our doctors are certified from cannabis clinicians, USA.

Any registered medical practitioner can provide their recommendation or second opinion after going through previous medical records of patients. So it is mandatory for us to collect all your previous medical history, so our doctors can go through and prescribe right medication, dosage etc.

There are lot of factors a doctor need to consider before prescribing Hemp medicines like age, severity of the condition etc. If you like to have consultation from one of our medical practitioner, please have your previous medical reports ready before booking consultation.

Your link for booking doctor consultation is here Doctor Consultation if you are like to take your first time consultation with our doctors, please cart and proceed checkout. After checkout, kindly note the order no# and fill the first time consultation form, using this link First Time Consultation Form

If you have any doubts or queries call us or whatsapp 8870888538 Email: [email protected]

What is Hemp? How it helps in cancer treatment?

First of all, Extracts/ oils of Hemp helps in relieving pain and proven to relax or calm a person’s mind. Most of the cancer patients suffering from excess pain and one may not understand their pain without going through it. It makes a person weak and most importantly patients are supposed to have lot of side effects even after treatment.

Now with Hemp extracts, one can get relief from excess pain, as Hemp extracts/ oils works as a natural pain killer or alternative pain remeddy medicine. Also, it helps in relieving or get faster recovery from side effects of Chemotheraphy etc. Also compounds present in Hemp oils/ Extracts helps in fighting cancer cells and many researches are going on around it.

Furthur, Hemp Care India do not claim any cure from cancer by using Hemp medicines but may get relief from their current medical condition. Consult our experts for more infor on Cancer treatment. Thank you!

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